Lovoo & Tinder Fake Accounts quick & easy to recognize!

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Who does not use them, so-called flirtapps? Tinder & Lovoo are two of the most popular flirtapps in the German and US Appstore with millions of users. The market of flirtapps is still booming today, because the love business is still very popular. Anyone does not dare to address the woman of his dreams in real life will sooner or later have to resort to one of these flirtapps. Unfortunately there are still too many fake accounts on Lovoo & Tinder.

The principle of these flirtapps probably know most of us, you get alternately suggested women or men and can decide whether you find the person attractive or not.

Have you ever had experience with fake accounts?

Fake or real person that is the question?

Unfortunately, one can only speculate about whether behind the new love really hides a real person and also I have often experienced it firsthand that it is often not so. I’ve already had a lot of discussions with friends who do not share my opinion, but I know the internet just too well now and I’m convinced that fake accounts are part of the business model of these apps.

1.Why fake accounts?

lovoo fake accountsThis question can actually be answered relatively easily and is quite logical. Just put yourself in the role of the app operator. You only earn money when men are licked by women and they eventually buy credits or complete packages. After all, everyone wants to know who is attractive to them. If there are no more matches, you will not earn any money. Therefore, as an operator you are always willing to provide new matches, keeping the user happy and earning money.

If there are no more matches, the user would lose the desire to flirt and stay away. The system would break down together. Best example was the arrest on 26.06.2016 the managing director of Lovoo because of reproach because of wrong profiles. This should give you something to think about on your own!

2.How can you recognize Tinder & Lovoo Fake Accounts?

Fake accounts can be recognized by several things. On the one hand on the pictures, spelling of the person, behavior of the person & on their information in the profile.


Currently Tinder is really accelerating and is trying hard to get you into a Tinder Gold membership. Either with 50% discount or what I have observed. I suddenly have quite a lot of alleged matches that I can only see with Tinder Gold. It’s weird if I press like all the time that none of these alleged profiles is suggested to me. Who watched the same? I am extremely skeptical if everything is so right ….

What is your experience with Tinder Gold?


Different person

That’s why you should take a good look at the pictures. Often the pictures do not show one and the same person. This is not immediately apparent to the superficial eye. Please look closely in the future and try to remember certain characteristics of the person and try if you can find them in other pictures. But even if the person is the same, it does not mean that it is not a fakeaccount.

Were the fake accounts men or women?

Pictures are often taken abroad

Holiday pictures nice and good but often I had matches where the person had uploaded pictures that were taken only in far distant cities. That’s also a good indication that something is wrong. Please take care in the future that the region of the new love also fits you.

Pictures are photographed

Many of the pictures I have seen on one of the two apps are simply photographed from a PC screen. This you can quite well recognize that, the picture is just very pixelated and above all blurred. You should keep your hands off these profiles.


No real interest without counter questions

Often you also recognize the spelling that the person already writes back and forth with you but is not really interested in you as a person. You just realize that you want to get to know the person, but there are no questions from her. Only statements and answers are put into the room. Probably hides behind such a profile a moderator, because at some point, this conversation will be like many others in the sand.

Where were the fake accounts?

writes at unusual times

You’ll quickly realize that the person strangely always responds to very inhumane times. Of course there are people who have to get up early, but the number of early risers would have to be very strong. In part, I received answers at 3.4 or 2 o’clock where normal people are in bed.


only 1 picture set

1 picture is always relatively strange. Especially women, who are more selfish than gentlemen, a picture is very unlikely. You should always be careful here.

Person’s face never visible

There is also one or the other funny profile on which the person’s face is never really visible. Although beautiful body parts are perfectly posed. But without a face? Does not make sense either. Or? So be careful!

Ghost Matches

These are women who are supposed to love me. Although I have not misjudged her and have never seen her before.

How should a match come about? Weird, is not it?

You will probably remember about who you think is great. If you noticed that already. Write me in the comments!


At the end of the day I can only say that not every woman is invented and one can certainly get to know some nice people there. But you should not move there blue-eyed and always turn on common sense. Then nothing can go wrong.

What is your opinion on Tinder Fake Accounts?

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