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1.What is the domain authority?domain authority check

The Domain Authority is a measure of how important your domain is in the eye of Google. It is used as a factor in the Google ranking. Because only a domain with valuable trusted content will sooner or later reach the top rankings and enjoy a high domain authority. So Google wants to ensure that its users surf only on websites with valuable content. Anyone can increase their authority over time. If you want, you can try our new Domain Authority Check yourself.



2.How to increase the Domain authority?

Unfortunately, if you want to increase your domain authority, it does not happen overnight. Your domain authority will increase with valuable content over time. This depends on the one hand on the age of your domain and several factors that are considered by Google. With a Domain Authority Check you stay up to date so it’s worth working with this free tool.

3.Domain Age

The older your domain is, the more trust Google gives to your website. However, these are all assumptions, and we do not know the real characteristics of Google. But there is still a certain tendency in this direction.

You can set the domain age in my domain age check


If your domain has backlinks from trusted sources & good sites with high authority, then it will be inherited to your site. However, this only happens over time.

5.Domain Authority by topic relevance

Backlinks pointing to your website should not come from one and the same source, otherwise you may violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Please also pay attention to the topic relevance of the links. Links from sites with the same Topic, enjoy a higher reputation on Google and thus boost your domain authority again. It really does not make any sense to set links from non-thematic pages indiscriminately, as this behavior is quickly regarded as spam and may result in a punishment (panaly).

6.Temporal distribution of the backlinks

Furthermore, you should make sure that you do not build your backlinks too fast and unnatural. This can quickly be punished as a link spam.


The factors that make up the Domain Authority can unfortunately only be assumed. So if you are following the above guidelines, I’m sure you’ll be able to increase your domain authority over time.

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