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Tumblr Hunter(Beta)

Find Expired Tumblr Blogs 2019

The Search can take a lot of time, so the program is guaranteed not crashed. There will always be results. It just takes a little time ... Thank you!

How can I find Expired Tumblr Blogs?

With my new little tool, you can easily find expired Tumblr blogs. I am not a fan of Black SEO and I will not provide any instructions here on how you do it. But topic relevant expired tumblr blogs can help your site.

2. How does the Expired Tumblr Blog Tool work?

Just type in the list the keywords you want to search for. Then the Programm do the rest for you. Type every word in a new line. At the end of the search you get a list of blog urls. It is also checked if the Tumblr blog is expired or not.


  • The more keywords, the longer the search (1-6 minutes)

1. How do I get suggestions for alternative keywords?

Unfortunately, my tool can not suggest alternative keyword lists for you. But Ubersuggest, can do it for you!

Just enter your word and click on “view all keywords”

Expired Tumblr Blog Search


Now you can copy all alternative words to a list with Copy to Clipboard. And paste into the Expired Tumblr Tool.

Expired Tumblr Blog Search


3. Conclusion on Expired Tumblr Blogs

These days its harder and harder to find expired Tumblr blogs. Tumblr high domain authority blogs can help your website. However, it is clear that these methods against the Google Webmaster Guidelines and everyone is responsible for it. If you use it you know the risk!

What is your experience?

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